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Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be

~ Galileo Galilei


Risk and security are my passion for over 30 years. During this time, I have completed a number of interesting, sometimes complicated and often difficult projects in the area of contract risk management, security, incidents and security audits, bringing clients measurable financial savings and solutions optimizing risk and security processes. My knowledge connects good management skills and a unique understanding of Polish law and the security industry. Take a look at how can help you make your business safe.

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This is one of the areas that is critical to business security, operational performance and very often also the company's reputation.

  1. Is the service you are using provided under contract template of service provider's?

  2. Has the scope of the service changed without changing the contract?

  3. Has there been an incident?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to check the process and implement solutions that will improve it, this will provide you with the scope of service that you really need.



Company resources are of great value for both the owner and those with unscrupulous interests. In this age of aggressive competition any property may be at risk.

  1. Do you know what your security staff is doing?

  2. Do your security staff report incidents that they may consider as unimportant?

  3. Do you have the feeling that your resources are absolutely safe?


If you answered NO to any of these questions, you need to check the process and introduce solutions that will make it truly effective.


I would like all my clients to have the best professional security. The priority of all my services, especially this one, is simply to make my customers' live safer! Security auditing is the main tool in this regard. If:


  1. You don't know what security staff is doing.

  2. Incidents are not disclosed in security reports.

  3. There was an incident.


So, it is high time that your knowledge gap in this field is answered by a professional security audit.



Every incident is a loss for the organization. Burglary, theft, fire? Each of them is a problem. However, there are also incidents that are minor, seemingly insignificant or those whose explanation "creates a bad atmosphere". They are also a problem.

If you have faced minor incidents, you may still be able to avoid a serious problem, but you must stop being passive.

Incident handling is not only a loss adjustment, but also a chance to avoid a more dangerous incident. I will help you understand your incidents (including those that YOU cannot see) and find solutions to avoid them in the future.

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Comment for TVN24 about the knife attack at shopping center in Stalowa Wola
Warsaw Security Summit
Comment for Polsat News about burglaries near Warsaw


Jacek Grzechowiak: I am a consultant in the area of risk and security management. For over 20 years I have been running projects in the area of business security. For about 15 years I was the risk director in the Polish branch of a leader in the security services. For several years I have managed security in companies that are leaders in their industries. I have built my education in the area of security, as well as legal and overall management, graduating from: Postgraduate European Security Studies, Postgraduate Management Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and Postgraduate Law Studies at Kozminski University, as well as a specialist course at the Main School of Fire Service.

As part of my non-profit activity, I actively participate in the work of the Section of Mechanical Security Devices of the Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers and Technicians SIMP and other organizations.

Contact me today to find out how risk response can help.


Protection of people and property:

  • Qualified Physical Security Employee

  • Qualified Technical Security Employee

  • Port Security Officer certificate (ISPS)


Classified information protection:

  • Clearence Certificates

    • PL Secret

    • NATO Confidential

    • UE Confidential

    • EAS Confidential

  • Classified information protection officer



  • ISO 9001


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Contract risk management is a process consisting of many elements, starting from the prospecting stage, through negotiations the scope of services, its terms and conditions, to procedures and activities related to the termination of cooperation.
When is this necessary? There are many reasons, but there a few that should urge you to analyse the cooperation.
The three main ones are:

  1. If the service is delivered under a service provider's contract.

  2. If the scope of the service has changed without changing the contract.

  3. If there was an incident.

In this area, you can count on:

  1. Verification of contractual provisions in order to reveal hidden risks.

  2. Negotiation support in order to create a mutually beneficial contract.

  3. Help in conflict situations.



Supposedly everyone can manage security. Supposedly.
However, security management is a process that ranges from defining protected assets, skillful facilitation of budgetary requirements, finding a good security service provider, improving the awareness of security staff and non-security staff, building their mutual relations, etc. This process never ends.
What should worry you?

  1. If you don't know what to protect.

  2. When you don't know what security is doing.

  3. When you feel that your resources are falling into the wrong hands.

In this area, you can count on support, among others in the area of:

  1. Creation and verification of Facility Security Plans and security procedures.

  2. Response procedures in special (crisis) situations.

  3. Optimization of the physical and technical security system.

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A security audit is a basic tool for creation and verification effectiveness of a security system.
If your security management process has remained the same for many years, it means that thieves have probably got to know it well. So it is high time for your organization to test this system and your need for knowledge in this field was satisfied.

  1. You don't know what security is doing.

  2. In the long-term security reports, incidents are not disclosed.

  3. There was a security incident.

This means that a security audit is essential. From the audit you will learn, among others:

  1. Where is the problem with passive protection.

  2. Why incidents are not disclosed.

  3. What to do to change this state.

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Every incident is a loss for the organization. Burglary. Theft. Fire. Each of these incidents is widely recognized as a problem.
However, there are incidents that are treated as minor, unimportant and not problematic. There are also those that are "inconvenient to reveal because it creates a bad atmosphere inside organization". Unfortunately, with incidents it is like as with illness, from a small cold, without therapy, sooner or later becomes a serious illness.
My experience tells me it's really not worth it.
Incident management is not only the liquidation of damages, but above all a chance to avoid a more dangerous incident in the future.
In this area, you can count on:

  1. Professional internal investigation.

  2. Insight and experience from projects carried out in Poland and abroad.

  3. Calmness, patience, objectivity.



At what organizational level is security management located?

There is only one correct answer: everyone.

And if so, competencies in this area are needed at every level of the organization, although they will vary depending on the level of the organization and the tasks performed there.

Training provides employees with knowledge in the security area, adequate to the needs of the organization and the essential tasks of its employees.

Trainings have several goals: to teach, improve, practice, check, examine.

By skillfully reconciling training needs with the budget, employee skills, and the current state of the security environment, we shape employee awareness, increasing the resilience of the entire organization.


  1.  If you don't know what security does, it means your employees need how to manage a security service provider.

  2. A security incident occurred among your competitors, which means that it is worth analyzing it in a workshop, thereby increasing the resilience of your organization.

  3. The overall security posture has changed, which means your employees need to update their knowledge. 


In this area you can count on support, among others: in terms of:

  1. Training in creating security plans and security procedures.

  2. Decision-making games based on real incidents.

  3. Workshop training using technical security systems.

And many others.

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+48 603 913 314

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Security manager
An international production group

Particularly noteworthy is the high level of knowledge of legal regulations, the functioning of state administration and the ability to combine business needs with the requirements contained in legal regulations. I would like to emphasize the very good preparation for complex business projects, both from the operational as well as the formal and legal side.


Security manager - Central Europe
An international production group

I would like to emphasize the professionalism of the services provided and the adaptation of workshops to our individual needs. [...] The company is definitely worth recommending, ready to take on and face any challenge.

Rector's Plenipotentiary for Administration
Leading University

The entire training was conducted by Mr. Jacek Grzechowiak in a competent and very interesting way, thanks to which it turned out to be an interesting and substantively very useful element of improving the professional skills of security personnel.

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